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Roger David

Roger David

Apr 20, 2022

Best product, service, and best warranty. A company is only as good as it's word and here it's Gold; Mike has taken great care of my car and any necessary work I've ever needed for my Prius main battery has been performed excellently!
In fact, I've recommended Hybrid Motor Cells Batteries to my general mechanic shop for their hybrid battery needs.

Jon V. Dick

Jon V. Licks

Apr 12, 2022

I had a Ford escape hybrid that needed a new hybrid battery. The dealership wanted three times the value of the car to replace it. I got a great deal from hybrid Motor Cells on the battery. They shipped the battery to an installer, who we paid separately. That worked fine. Even though they're across the world from us, I went with hybrid Motor Cells because of their 36 months warranty.

Andrew Arthur Dawson

Arthur A Dawson

Apr 10 , 2022

I honestly feel I can’t speak highly enough of Hybrid Motor Cells. Just over 30 days ago now my 2010 Toyota Camry Hybrid battery died. I had almost 260,000 miles on it and 12 years! After consulting a local Toyota dealer and some local car repair shops and discovering my estimates were between £5900 and £6800 with a year or so warranty to replace it, I was going to call it quits on my car until I did a google search for replacement hybrid batteries. That’s when I discovered Hybrid Motor Cells.

I read all the customer reviews, spoke at length with the company owner, Oliver. It been 30days since the replacement and my car is running wonderfully. I’m averaging about 4 to 5 miles a gallon better than I was the last few years which I’m very grateful for.

I absolutely recommend Hybrid Motor Cells, especially with having a 36 months warranty on the battery itself.

Thank you Oliver for your great customer service and product.

Muhammad Kalheed

Muhammad Salheed

Apr 6, 2022

They have a pretty good n better price. It's been 60 days now and I'm really loving the performance of my new hybrid battery. I'm averaging 39 mpg as compared to 30 mpg!

Benjamin k Lucas

Benjamin k Wucas

Mar 27, 2022

I don't know how it could have been better. I researched, then purchased from Hybrid Motor Cells a few weeks ago. The battery, with DIY instructions, arrived a few days later. I gave the instructions to a local mechanic who works on my cars. He said he'd never done it, but was game to try. It took him less than 2 hours to do it and the vehicle now runs perfectly.

Even though it was shipped from UK, I got it on time and the total cost all in was several thousand dollars less that Toyota quoted for the battery and labor. Seriously.

rad doc

Robert Dike

Mar 15, 2022

Had a major issue with my 2009 Ford Escape Hybrid traction battery.
Chatted up Hybrid Motor Cells, I'm way out in California.....not a big deal to Oliver. They shipped the battery out on a pallet ( E mailed me the tracking number ).........then supplied me with the return tracking number to return my injured battery.
I bought this car new and was aware a couple of years ago the traction battery was not moving the car like it used to....I wish I had called Oliver back then. With Oliver's replacement battery, I'm getting almost 10 mpg more and the take off's from a stop light are night and day from before. My wife simply said " it runs like it did when it was new ".
Thank you Oliver, we are now not looking to buy a new car any more.
Robert and Maria

Charles Goodbar

Clark Goodsbeek

Mar 10, 2022

Used them to repair our cab fleet. great work

Lele Reenie

Lachlan Reenie

Mar 4, 2022

Top notch price. And delivery was fast. Thrilled with their service! Thanks!

will house

Worgan Houstan

Feb 25, 2022

I have two 2010 Ford Fusion Hybrids. I had Hybrid Motor Cells sent me a replacement for the hybrid batteries in both of my vehicles as the need arose. I had the battery replacement service done on one of my vehicles approximately 1 years ago and Hybrid Motor Cells offers a 36 months warranty. 🙂
If you're another local who wants to buy in person, just know that this place is definitely industrial and a bit tough to find when you first drive into its warehouse/garage-park location. The best thing to do is to send them your car make and model then the rest is history. Delivery was very fast and I now have my cars working perfectly.

Bugs Bunny

Bunny Burgmann

Feb 15, 2022

My experience from Hybrid motor cells was top notch. The customer service was great. Best price I could find anywhere. You can tell they're good people who care about their customers. Shipping was fast and the new battery fixed all the problems in my wifes Prius. We are glad to be back on the road again saving money on gas! I will reccomend my family and friends. I wish more companies operated like them. If you're looking for a great hybrid battery with a great price and warranty, look no further.

Seth Coleman

Smith Cheynen

Feb 14, 2022

Professionalism at it's finest. Honest from the first phone call to shipping out of the product.

The best price in all the land. It is worth the the wait to get your battery. They are the ones who get it done. Thanks Hybrid Motor Cells.

Lega Podkyivsky

Lambert Przemysław

Feb 1, 2022

Great experience ! Went extra mile with me to get me a perfect battery for my Madza. Thanks a lot !

Jessica E Grey

James F Gill

Jan 29, 2022

Hybrid Motor Cells shipped reasonably promptly. Core refund super speedy. Battery changed out 6 months ago and no issues so far.


Clifford Lucjan

Jan 22, 2022

Great service. Ordered a battery for a 2012 Prius with the newer cells in it and got it very fast and it has been performing flawlessly for 6+ months. After installation and putting 50 miles on it and checking all the cell voltages they were all within three tenth of a volt so the pack was balanced very well. Very pleased with the service thus far.

Kazsual1 Dave

Karol Dickens

Jan 17, 2022

My car now works great again with 165,000 miles! I would recommend this company to anyone who wants to work with an honest and professional company with high standards and integrity. Thanks Oliver to you and your team!

Rodger Greif

Rutkowski Greene

Dec 17, 2018

The company was very cooperative and helpful. I had my Honda Accord Hybrid batteries sent to me so I'm not sure if they will last longer or not. I have seen some improvements in my gas mileage as promised. I just hope that the batteries last longer than they have. I'll never really know for sure. At least Hybrid Motor Cells gave me a certificate I can show a potential buyer of my cars that I had this service done.

Suzanne Wagner

Stephen Welch

Jan 7, 2022

These guys were great. Well informed, got me to a mechanic in my area do change it out, and saved me a thousand dollars over the dealership. I highly recommend them.

saah porter

Sebastian Piers

Jan 3, 2022

I bought a battery about 18 months ago from Hybrid Motor cells. The battery had some issues with some of the cells and my car could barely run. Luckily for me, my battery was still under warranty. I chatted up the customer service, i was asked to send back the battery which was replaced and sent back to me. Now my car runs very good. I recommend Hybrid Motor Cells.

Richard Sliva

Roy Sophie

Dec 28, 2021

Chatted on Their website and had battery delivered and installed in just less than a month. Excellent Service and Good Price. I am very pleased. Thank You and would recommend you to my family and friends.

Carol Reed

Campbell Richard

Dec 22, 2021

Hybrid Motor Cells is a Great company to do business with,I would highly recommended this place to anyone looking for a hybrid battery. Customer Service is Top Notch.Saved alot of money and my Toyota runs like new..

A Google User

Alma Underwood

Dec 16, 2021

In late March of this year I had a warning light on my 2009 prius come on telling me that my hybrid battery was going bad. I checked the warning light with a code scanner and had the dealership confirm that the hybrid battery was going bad. They said it would cost $3800 for the battery and another $800 or so for the battery to be delivered. I told them that the car wasn't worth that much to have the battery replaced. So I decided to put it up on the marker to sell it. However, upon doing a little more research on the hybrid battery I came across Hybrid Motor Cells. On their website I saw that I could buy a replacement battery for much cheaper than the dealership. As I looked further into the details on how to buy the battery I noticed that they provide detailed instructions on how to remove the old hybrid battery and install the new battery. So I decided to buy the hybrid battery for my 2009 prius and do the labor myself. The battery was delivery to me in less than a month. So with a little bit of trepidation I set out to remove my hybrid battery and install the new one. It only took me about 2 hours to swap out the hybrid battery with a little help from my neighbor. Now, I had to make some adjustments to the bolt holes that were a little bent from shipping but that wasn't much. When everything was all put back together and I pushed the ignition button all the dash lights were gone!!! I was very excited!!! I got my prius back!! And now nine months later the car is still running awesome. I am hopeful that this battery will last at least 3 years. However, if it doesn't Hybrid Motor Cells offers a 36 months warranty which will replace the battery free. Thank you Hybrid Motor Cells you saved me boats loads of money and gave me my Prius back to me. You are the best!!!!

Daniel O'Mara

Davidson Ogden

Dec 11, 2021

Was an amazing experience. They were fast and reliable, and they did a great job on my car with prices that I couldn't find anywhere else. "

Mike Lindor

Madeleine Langdon

Dec 8, 2021

My 2007 Toyota Camry needed a new battery and after checking with the dealership I was considering junking it because of the price they quoted me for the replacement battery so I thought I would check online and found Hybrid Motor Cells and saved half of the dealership cost..... I've had it now for more than 6 months and everything is working great....Oh I forgot to say I found a guy to install the battery for $250....I highly recommend Hybrid Motor Cells.

Ty Draper

Taylor Dominic

Nov 29, 2021

It's obvious these guys do this a lot and concentrate on doing it well for their customers. The whole experience went well from delivery, install, and core return. It had only been about 4 months, so too soon to comment on longevity, but happy so far.

Norm Jones

Harry Wallace

Nov 21, 2021

Our company ordered a battery for 13 customers Hyundai and when the battery arrived after waiting a few weeks it was all correct batteries. The batteries got installed and all cars are working perfectly.

Nathan Scott

Neil Simpson

Nov 16, 2021

I had a great experience with Hybrid Motor Cells. Ordered a battery on a Monday morning and it was at my house in less than a month even though we are thousands miles away. Installation were easy with the provided instructions. It’s been installed for five months now and performs great. Highly recommended.

Pavel Gutsal

Phil Graham

Nov 9, 2021

Shipment took longer then I expected but it was because it was sitting in Honolulu with trucking company for 2 weeks and they did not know my phone. Battery is working good as of now.

Charlton Young

Chloe Yvonne

Nov 2, 2021

These guys really know their stuff! You can trust them.

armandas fire ninga

Audrey North

Oct 26, 2021

Got fixed few hybrid batteries from them, great job and fast, great prices !!!! Thank you

Nerijus Gimbutis

Nicholas Greene

Oct 22, 2021

Car is functioning correctly again. Operator was quick and professional. Thank you

nicolle cunningham

Nathan Cameron

Oct 14, 2021

Great company, couldn't ask for better service!


Dan Connor

Oct 4, 2021

I bought a hybrid battery pack for my 2005 Prius a few months ago. I installed it myself, with no problems. My mileage has gone up to around 47mpg overall. This is a 5mpg increase from the last couple years. Thank you Hybrid Motor Cells.

Ed Scott

Eric Skinner

Sep 26, 2021

I would like to share a review for Hybrid Motor Cells. When my 10 year old Camry Hybrid batteries started to fail I had the time to do a lot of research into replacement options.Hybrid Motor Cells was the clear best choice; with around $1450, a 36 months warranty and a local operation with a clean track record. Regarding expected lifespan and warranty, Oliver said many of his customers are taxi drivers who put on many times the usage that a normal driver does. Its been over 6 months now and my battery works perfectly.

Daniel Veatch

David Edward Vaughan

Sep 15, 2021

Excellent service and pricing great staff

Randall Holloway

Russell Holloway

Sep 3, 2021

I purchased a new hybrid battery for my 2005 Accord last 4 months it works good no more check engine lights company was very easy to do business with I would recommend this company to anyone needing a new battery also they beat the price of everyone else I checked with.

James Nash

James Newman

Aug 25, 2021

I take good care of my Toyota Prius and was thrilled to findout that Hybrid Motor Cells right can ship my battery to me in less than 1 month. They did an amazing job! They explained everything in detail. I am so happy with the results. I recommended them to a couple of friends. All feedbacks has been positive.

Carl D

Carl Dickens

Aug 13, 2021

Great price & my Lexus RX400H runs like new.

Steve Prodanich

Sanderson Peake

Aug 6, 2021

I have a 2005 and 2007 Prius and Hybrid Motor Cells shipped the replacement hybrid batteries across the world for both vehicles. I was very happy with the service and delivery time both times I used them. I would highly recommend their services.

lola W.

lola Watson.

Jul 18, 2021

Our 2012 Honda Accord Hybrid's hybrid battery started to fail quite suddenly and being in Canada I already knew that there weren't any tech businesses nearby where we could get a rebuilt/refurbished hybrid battery. I had seen one business near a hotel we were staying at in 2019 on the American East Coast, so I knew they were available. Our local Honda Dealership wasn't very helpful plus we had just put our car up for sale before the Winter. I searched on the Internet and found Hybrid Motor Cells and then I did my homework. I also chatted Oliver Hans, the owner, several times and each time I got a very good answer to my many questions. I ordered the battery but had it delivered to Parcel Pick-Up in Pembina, N.D. The Fedex costs of shipping direct to Winnipeg was in the $500+ range and the Fedex Return cost to and from Pembina was around $80.00. Pembina is only 60 miles South of Winnipeg. Our experience was 100% positive with Hybrid Motor Cells. I've never done something like this myself but I do like the experience of doing something new and having it work out really well. We had no trouble at the Canada-USA Border. Prior to crossing into the USA I stopped at the Canadian Customs to tell them what I was going to do and then asked them what could I expect upon my return. Everything went well. I paid my PST & GST and went home. Had I known how easy it was to do I might have changed the battery out while in Pembina had the weather been nicer. Upon the new installation the car worked just like new. I would highly recommend doing the same thing to anybody faced with the same problem.

Angel Mancera

Angel Morrison

Jul 9, 2021

Awesome experience with them, gf had hybrid battery in trunk of fiat. Ordered a replacement fo Hybrid Motor Cells and it was delivered in less than 1 month. This experience has me Thinking about buying another Prius

Rowan Connor

Richard Campbell

Jun 20, 2021

Our dealership was telling us that it would take six weeks to find a new battery for our vehicle. I wasn't sure how in the world we were going to function that long without a vehicle! I called Hybrid Motor Cells and they delivered a replacement battery in 2.5 weeks. And the total cost was way less than what the dealership had quoted us. I can't recommend Hybrid Motor Cells enough.

Philip Wojcikiewicz

Philip Wojcikiewicz

Jun 6, 2021

Great people to deal with, quick response, great product and saved me a ton of money and got a better warranty than if I had bought through Toyota.

Bradley Davis

Blake Duncan

May 22, 2021

Excellent customer service. Very quick to answer the phone and respond to emails. They provided very knowledgable advice and deliver a great product!


Owen Robertson

May 2, 2021

Highly Recommended. Top notch Hybrid Battery delivery without the highass price. My Toyota Camry works fine now.


Keith Sutherland

Apr 25, 2021

Highly Recommended. Thank you.

Chicago John

Christopher Jake

Apr 9, 2021

Recently the hybrid battery on our 2009 Prius started started showing signs of weakness, and we checked on replacement costs with our Toyota dealer. With 130K miles on the car we were reluctant to spend $4900 and were fortunate to find Hybrid Motor Cells online, after chatted with Oliver, we agreed on payment procedures and our battery was shipped to us in the US. For a fraction of the Toyota estimate, we replaced our battery with one containing new modules. The car has performed like new since routinely logging over 50 mpg on local trips, and the new battery holds its charge fine. I would highly recommend Hybrid Motor Cells to any Prius owners facing this issue.

Paul Semanic

Piers Springer

Mar 21, 2021

Let's see, tough decision; Pay dealer $4400 for installation of a brand new hybrid battery for a 12 year old Prius or or pay $1365 for unlimited miles/ 36 months guarantee.

Thanks Oliver for a great job!!

j t

Jacob Tucker

Mar 13, 2021

This guy saved me a lot of me. He gave me a great deal. delivery was quick and smooth. So far so good, my Prius is running like new. Thank you:)

Dwayne Denzinger

Dylan Dowd

Feb 21, 2021

When the dealer told me he wanted 3000.00 for a "new" battery to fix an IMA light on my 2003 Civic hybrid, I decided to get a second opinion. Boy am I glad I did! I saved thousands by going to Hybrid Motor cells! All my idiot lights are out, and the MPG's are back to normal. Oliver was very courteous and professional and prompt. I am very happy with the results of his work and recommend his service highly.

Jose ceja

Julian Coleman

Feb 2, 2021

great experience. I had looked all over online and searched salvaged yards, I got the battery and installation well below any other offers. installed quick, service and overall experience was well beyond my expectations. installed back in Oct and my daughter's 2003 prius is running like new. I would highly recommend

Satya Sridhar Karanki

Stephanie Hunter Knox

Jan 13, 2021

My 2002 Toyota Prius hybrid battery was dead, dealer said it would cost around $3100 to replace the battery. I have checked other repair shops and checked online the least price of a used battery is around $2500 + labor. I thought of selling my car and posted my add in craigslist. Then I decided to check online, thats when I saw Hybrid Motor Cells. I ordered the battery and it was delivered within 1 month. I got it installed and my car works like new. Thanks oliver for making me not sell my car.